subjects for scientific departments
for all students to activate your HTI mail


biomedical engineering conference will be held at higher technology institute on 6_7 April 2018
Participation in the 2018 Rubicon competition
Invitation to Creative Day at the University of Minya
Invitation to the Flag Day
HTI win the first team in ROBOCON 2017


announcement for Alumni Mechatronix
Important announcement for students regarding the registration of the military education course
Students are expected to graduate semester May 2018
Military Announcement-6 Oct Branch
adding and drop courses extra 2 days
New server operation
Congratulations to students who have completed graduation requirements five or four years ago
The graduates equations January 2018 approved by the Supreme Council of Universities
adding and drop cources
Announcement of Petitions for the January 2018
Payment of expenses for the semester (May 2018) for the Institute and its branches
Registration instructions for the semester in May 2018
Recording sheets of M2018
Announcement to students about training inMisr-Hijaz Group
Important announcement for students who do not pay the expenses
Important Announcement for the role of graduates in JAN 2018
Announcement of scholarship and training
Important announcement for students of military education courses
Important announcement for 2016 and more
Congratulations to the brothers of Christians
industrial training in egypt air
An important announcement for all Egyptian male students
The Students External and the Ministry's concerned authorities have agreed to give them a last chance
Important announcement for students and graduates regarding the extraction of any statements or certificates
Welcome to the students from the Dean of the Institute?
Important announcement on registration between the branches of the Institute
The equations graduates August 2017 from the Supreme Council of Universities
announcement for Alumni
An important announcement for students enrolled in the Institute from 2015 and its before
Military courses Alert
Contact HTI 1oth
Account Registration in EKB for HTI staff
New system to Request certificates and editors
Advice for students on the style of writing reports in the projects and training
Quality Insurance Announcement
subjects for scientific departments