Public health decision
Timings for the first semester 2021-2022
The decision to form the board of directors
Decision to renew the work of the Departments Managers
Public Bidding with Closed Envelopes
New facilities from the Ministry of Health to vaccinate students before the start of the new academic year
Link to student questionnaires for the third semester - academic year 2020/2021
The HTI congratulations to The leadership and the Egyptian people
Important announcement for students regarding student questionnaires for the second semester of the year 2020-2021
The Institute's Guide to Coordination
Questionnaires for All Students of The Institute and Branches to Measure the Satisfaction of the Services
Higher Technological Institute 10th of Ramadan wins first place "Rally" electric cars 2019
The Institute wins second place in Badr University competition
The Institute Wins a Silver Medal at the Geneva Invention Exhibition
Student activities and competitions
Graduates abroad and their participation in development
The Higher Institute of Technology wins an award at the 5th Cairo Innovation Fair 2018
The Higher Technological Institute win the third place in the first Cairo Rally
Students of the Institute of Technology win the first positions in the robocon competitions
subjects for scientific departments


HTI organize an important course for university students
Promoting your research capabilities - The modern knowledge cycle
The Institute's quality assurance system organized a seminar on classes management session
The Quality Assurance Center at the Higher Institute of Technology organized two training courses


Arm Exception 6 Result
Arm Exception 7
Announcement regarding the continuation of exams tomorrow
Timetable for the Students Union elections for the academic year 2021-2022
Important announcement for students regarding entering the institute, its transportation and student housing, as of 11/15/2021
Announcement about appointing new drivers
Important announcement regarding the printing of cards for the academic year 2022/2021
Important announcement regarding filling out the Corona vaccination form
August 2021 graduates have been accredited Professor Dr. Minister of Higher Education
Important announcement for all students of the institute regarding vaccination against Corona Virus
Important announcement regarding the delivery of receipts for payment of expenses (tenth branch)
Important announcement for all new students 2021 (tenth branch)
Important announcement to all students regarding the update of the total result
Announcement the result of the transfer between engineering departments
Important announcement for all students (Branch Tenth) regarding payment of expenses for the first semester 2021-2022
Announcement to transfer between engineering departments after the result of the specialization desires
Students expected to graduate in the third semester of the academic year 2020-2021
Extending the results requests period for all students
Announcement for students of the new batch 2021 (preparatory)
Important Announcement Approval of equivalency certificates for May 2021 graduates (Business Administration)
group vacation
Important announcement regarding registration timings from Saturday 9-10-2021
Desire Result O2021
Activate the university email for new students 2021
Academic schedules for the first semester 2021-2022
Important announcement regarding registration periods for students who did not fill out the questionnaires
Approving the equivalency certificates for graduates of May 2021 (engineering - computer science).
Distribution of students on registration days-6October branch
Registration Instructions For the first semester 2021-2022
Important announcement to all students regarding payment of fees
Extending the period of filling out the questionnaires
Important Announcement for Student
Instructions for paying tuition fees Opening registration For the first semester (2021-2022) Institute and its branches
Students' desires to specialize-6 October branch
Last chance to transfer to the Tenth Institute
Important announcement for students regarding vaccination against the Corona virus
Preparatory stage desires_M2021_Oct. branch
Important Announcement About New Arm Courses
Important Announcement Arm Course Number 29
Car parts trade and maintenance Company Announces the need for some jobs
Guidelines for applying to the institute for new students for the academic year 2021-2022
May 2021 graduates have been accredited Professor Dr. Minister of Higher Education
Applying to study at the institute by transferring from other educational institutions for the academic year 2021/2022
Announcement of the Institute's need to contract with a specialist and laboratory engineer for the Department of Chemical Engineering
Important announcement on registration and questionnaires
Important announcement For ARM
Announcement for the online questionnaires
Important announcement regarding student housing
Announcement of jobs 1
Announcement of jobs
An oil bottling company announces the need for some jobs
Arm 26-29
Results Arm 210410
Important announcement for students of the Institute in the tenth of Ramadan
Announcement of the need for the Institute faculty members and their assistants
Important announcement for all students of the institute and its branches, batch 2020
An important warning for our students, the tenth, October and Matrouh
Precautionary procedures and instructions during the first semester examinations for the academic year 2020/2021
Important announcement for students who have been dismissed militarily
Conditions for applying for candidacy for student unions and their timetable
Important Notice to All Students of The Institute and Its Branches
Important announcement for all students regarding the precautionary measures
Announcement of jobs for institute graduates
Important For Foreign students
Transportation subscription 2019-2020
Announcement for institute graduates
announcement for Military education
Important notice for students of the last semester
internal regulation in HTI
Honor the professors
List support graduate studies and scientific research
Important announcement for the graduates of the institute
Announcement of the Institute need to fill the positions of faculty members and their assistants
advisers basic science 10 th of ramadan
congratulation 2019
wekkly holiday for the institute is Thursday
employment for mechatronics alumni
An important announcement for all students of the Institute
scholarships for professional
ann. for all std
Important announcement for 2016 and more
Important announcement for students and graduates regarding the extraction of any statements or certificates
announcement for Alumni
An important announcement for students enrolled in the Institute from 2015 and its before
Military courses Alert
Contact HTI 1oth
Account Registration in EKB for HTI staff
Advice for students on the style of writing reports in the projects and training
Quality Insurance Announcement
subjects for scientific departments