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Important Announcement for the role of graduates in May 2017
Tender of Photo center2017
Announcement of specializations
tender of cafayeria2017
An important announcement for students preparatory of engineering and management of the first year
Announcement to fill the positions of faculty members
Withdrawal from courses for the semester in May/aug 2017
Students are expected to graduate semester MAY 2017
Training for HTI student
student training 2017
Recording sheets of M2017
Military courses during 2017
Announcement for graduates JAN 2017
Payment of expenses for the semester in May 2017 for the Institute and branches
Registration instructions for the semester in May 2017
Military announcement -Oct Branch
Important Announcement for the role of graduates in JAN 2017
Military courses during this year
Quality Unit Announcement1_6Oct Branch
CIB offer
Important Announcement for students who are exhausted
Announce of scholarships
Important Announcement for students transferred to the Institute in the academic year 2016/2017
the students finished their times of failure after a semester as a result of August 2016
Academic Calendar 2016/2017
Contact HTI 1oth
hospitals for medical assurance
Account Registration in EKB for HTI staff
Renewal of engineering degree equation
HTI wins the first team in ROBOCON
New system to Request certificates and editors
Advice for students on the style of writing reports in the projects and training
Quality Insurance Announcement
subjects for scientific departments