Questionnaires for All Students of The Institute and Branches to Measure the Satisfaction of the Services
Higher Technological Institute 10th of Ramadan wins first place "Rally" electric cars 2019
The Institute wins second place in Badr University competition
The Institute Wins a Silver Medal at the Geneva Invention Exhibition
Student activities and competitions
Graduates abroad and their participation in development
Students of the Institute of Technology win the first positions in the robocon competitions
subjects for scientific departments


HTI organize an important course for university students
Promoting your research capabilities - The modern knowledge cycle


announcement for graduation term MAY 2020
Examination instructions Term JAN- MAY 2020
Announcement for students before examination
Announcement to apply for a job as acting director of the institute staff
final Exam instruction Term Jan-May2020
announcement for Military education
receiving researches update
Eid Elfeter Holiday
Congratulations Eid Elfeter
registration Card updated
Questions and suggestion of answers for all students about the latest decisions
new instruction for students
general instruction for students
evaluation rules 2
Important notice for students of the last semester
decision of Prof. Dr. Dean of the Institute 26-4
certificates equivalence
Student evaluation rules for JAN-May 2020 semester
decision of Prof. Dr. Dean of the Institute
The Institute's education plan during the current exceptional circumstances
Important Announcement for students JAN-MAY 2020
Links to e-learning for the Department of Chemical Engineering
Links to the e-learning of Marsa Matrouh branch
internal regulation in HTI
The institute will be on vacation by the end of the current week (Thursday 26 March)
Important announcement for students of the Higher Technological Institute
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Links to the e-learning of the Department of Biomedical
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Activate the university e-mail for the students of the Institute
A decision to reduce the number of employees
A two-week vacation for students
4th Arm Special Course
Important Arm Announce
Honor the professors
List support graduate studies and scientific research
Job opportunities for Alumni
registration is open to all students from Saturday 1-2-2020
Third Special Course
Registration in the Egyptian Youth Knowledge Week
Recording sheets of Jan 2020
Registration instructions JAN 2020
Announcement of Petitions for the Oct-Jan 2019/2020
Important announcement for the graduates of the institute
Payment of expenses for the semester (JAN 2020) for the Institute and its branches
Announcement of the Institute need to fill the positions of faculty members and their assistants
Important announcement for students 10
Congratulations from the Institute of Management Solutions on the occasion of this Christmas
Announcement of vacancies for graduates
final term Examination
New Arm
student union election time table 2019/2020
congratulation 2019
training announcement 5
Coordination Institute guide
wekkly holiday for the institute is Thursday
An important announcement for all students of the Institute
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ann. for all std
Important announcement for 2016 and more
Important announcement for students and graduates regarding the extraction of any statements or certificates
Important announcement on registration between the branches of the Institute
announcement for Alumni
An important announcement for students enrolled in the Institute from 2015 and its before
Military courses Alert
Contact HTI 1oth
Account Registration in EKB for HTI staff
Advice for students on the style of writing reports in the projects and training
Quality Insurance Announcement
subjects for scientific departments