Originating Of The Institute

            In the nineteen eighties a group of Egyptian nationals comprising former senior officials, educators, businessmen & industrialists formed the foundation of new urban communities, a non-profit Organization, aimed at helping the government & the private sector in reclaiming the vast desert areas of Egypt, The group soon recognized the need for engineering education of a special nature that would be located in the new urban communities & geared at satisfying the needs of the growing industrialization & construction efforts in these communities.
 In 1988 the higher technological institute (HTI) opened its doors to new students as the first private university level institute for engineering educational in Egypt
The new Institute was born strong and grew quickly in quality and reputation. Now, more than twenty years after its inception it has become the most sought after private engineering institute in the country.
Institute Vision:
           Providing more distinguished and developed educational services and emphasizing loading role of the institute in progressing and developing the community and environment.

Institute Mission:

           Preparation of a distinguished graduated, capable of analysis, creativity and innovation to keep up with evaluation of the latest technological fields in order to satisfy local and regional demands and active participation in the community and environment development.

Institute Objective:

           1-Developing educational programs and course under the guidelines of the
              national academic standard.
           2-Originating technological strategies in teaching and learning methods.
           3-Expanding the area of services. Extended to academic staff, administrative
              employees and students.
           4-Continuous development of the abilities of the teaching staff and employees.
           5-Linking scientific research with the needs of the community and encouraging
             applied research.
           6-Community participation through providing consultation and training courses.
Location & Climate
The main campus of the Institute is situated in the Tenth of Ramadan City, Egypt, about fifty kilometers east of Cairo on the desert road leading to the   cities of Ismailia and Port Said. The campus of just over 16 hectares has seven buildings, including the academic buildings workshops gymnasium and the medical care center. Less than two kilometers away from the campus, a hostel for the students is located.
Like most of Egypt, the Tenth of Ramadan City enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate and for nine months of the year light clothes           may be worn is. Daytime temperatures during the summer months are usually in the middle to high thirties while winter temperatures are in the range of 10 to 20 degrees Celsius.
The area which is mostly desert, experiences very little rainfall during the winter months. Despite that, the campus abounds in green spaces, Trees & flowers, which make it. in effect. An oasis in the middle of the desert.