Students Care

Student Welfare Office
The Department of Student Welfare Office specialized staff is trained and qualified to guide and encourage a large number of activities and services that aim to complement the academic work associated with the students and enrich the cultural and social aspects and physical for them. These specialists - whether they are men or women - they can help students to overcome the problems that confront them may impede the learning process.
 Programs are designed entertainment to provide distinctive programs of the community of the Institute (students or employees) and include these services on a sports program integrated, allowing students and faculty members to practice sports and This program also provides a lot of games such as football, basketball, table tennis, football speed, as well as to the track.
The Institute provides for the soccer fields and courts, outdoor and indoor basketball and volleyball and a hall covered with special equipment for the exercise of aerobic fitness, there are a large number of events that add to the program recreational special flavor and these activities are diverse not infinite, and generally include presentations and contests involving where large numbers of students such as tours, presentations and seminars in which he talked guests of the Institute. Involved teams of the Institute artistic and sports competitions set up the institute or outside and always get an advanced or prizes in many competitions and games.

Table of student activities during the academic year 2019/2020