Quality assurance unit

Quality assurance :

It is the verification that academic and institutional standards compatible with the Institute's educational mission have been defined, defined and achieved in a manner that complies with the corresponding standards, whether at the national or global level. The quality assurance units of the Institute and its branches coordinate internally between the Institute's higher administration, scientific departments and material departments supporting the educational process and in coordination externally with the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education.


Enhancing competitiveness and research capabilities through adherence to academic standards, thereby improving the quality of both educational and administrative processes, and ultimately contributing to community service.


1. The Quality Assurance Unit aims to foster a culture of quality among all stakeholders involved in the educational process at the institute.

2.Providing technical assistance to educational programs for conducting self-evaluation.

3. Conducting a thorough evaluation of the institute as an educational institution and its programs, aligning with established institutional and programmatic accreditation standards.

 4.Monitoring the quality of both the educational and administrative processes and implementing corrective measures as needed


Formation of the Board of Directors of the Quality Assurance Unit in the tenth academic year 2023_2024

Administrative structure of quality assurance units at the institute

Forming the internal committees and quality assurance unit for the academic year 2023-2024

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