Vision of the institute

Providing more distinguished and developed educational services, and emphasizing the institute leading role of the institute in progressing and developing the community and environment.

Mission of the institute

Preparation of a distinguished graduate, capable of analysis, creativity and innovation to keep up with evolution of the latest technological fields in order to satisfy local and regional demands, as well as the development of human resources and show interest in scientific research, and active participation in the community and environment development.

Strategic objectives of the institute

1 Developing educational programs and courses under the guidelines of the National Academic Standard.

2 Originating technological strategies in teaching and learning methods.

3 Expanding the area of services extended to academic staff, administrative employees and students.

4 Continuous development of the abilities of the teaching staff and employees.

5 Linking scientific research with the needs of the community and encouraging applied research.

6 Community participation through providing consultation and training courses.


Academic Reference standard for scientific departments
0Computing NARS version V3-[1]17
NARS Characterization of Architectural Engineering
NARS Characterization of Chemical Engineering
NARS Characterization of Civil Engineering
NARS Characterization of Mechatronics Engineering
NARS Characterization of Textile Engineering
General ME ARS-Naqaae_June_24_2012