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Introduction To The Department


Introduction :

The field of Mechanical Engineering is as vital in the 21st century as it has always beensince the 17th century (while the industrial revolution and the development of machines were introduced by ingenious engineers to replace labor work). This is simply because energy and mobility are still and will continue to be the lifeblood of our human society and of the global economy. Mechanical Engineering can be defined as the branch of engineering that serves society through the analysis, design and manufacture of systems at all size-scales that combine energy, materials, and information to produce useful mechanical work.

The Mechanical Engineering Department (ME) at the Higher Technological Institute, Tenth of Ramadan City (HTI ) sixth of October city offers two main programs which are :-

·       Mechanical Engineering  – General Program (Power & energy - Production & design).

·       Automotive Engineering.


The general Program consists of, power and energy fields as in power generation as well as power and heat engines. Alternate and regenerative energy sources are given considerable concern as a scientific means for dealing with the energy crisis, while production and design concentration  considers manufacturing and production applications. Modern techniques using the information technology and computer ever increasing capabilities are applied for shortening the design cycle and for improving design accuracy and product quality (CAD/CAM). The student in this program has the option to tailor for himself a specific  concentration  through choosing the suitable courses from the elective ones and the B.Eng. thesis.


The Automotive engineering Program gives equal importance to design, maintenance & maintenance planning. Modern Mechatronics applications in automobiles (Auto-tronics) are considered to fulfill the market needs; since the involvement of electronic applications is in continuous increase at a steep rate.

In all the department programs, basic sciences and engineering fundamentals represent a solid foundation which are not only a must for studying and understanding the different engineering disciplines, but it is also needed to help the graduate in solving the new related problems arising in the  future.  Nontechnical subjects are given the sufficient importance in order to enable the graduates to work in teams and project management, to communicate effectively, and to respect the engineering ethics. All programs ensure well balance between theoretical education and practice (Laboratory experiments, project based learning courses, and industrial training).

As for as the opportunities that are offered to our graduates,   Mechanical Engineering is diverse, and our alumni are involved in:

·      Research

·      Development

·      Design

·      Testing and Evaluating

·      Manufacturing

·      Operation and Maintenance

·      Marketing and Sales

·      Administration

Finally, the department and the education it provides is only as good as the people involved. We need to recruit and to continue to retain the best and brightest faculty, staff, and students in order to grow and to maintain our leadership position.



The mission of the Department of mechanical Engineering at the Higher Technological Institute, Tenth of Ramadan city is threefold:

·         Education: To provide a high quality engineering education to both Egyptian as well as to foreign students. The aim is to prepare generations of Mechanical Engineers to practice their professions competently, to meet the ever-changing needs of society, and to continue learning their discipline and to be leaders in their profession.

·         Research: To create, to explore, and to develop innovations in engineering and science through undergraduate and graduate research.

·         Service:  To establish strong relations between both academic and Industrial Institutional and to provide beneficial service to the local industry in the Tenth of Ramadan city, national, and regional  industries and communities via educational, technical, entrepreneurial, and professional activities.

The pursuit of excellence is central to the department’s mission, maintaining high standards of academic achievement, professional behavior, and ethical conduct.



The  department of Mechanical Engineering at HTI aims to:

·         Attain excellence in engineering education, scientific research and community service through an integrated system for total quality management.

·         Position the Department a leader in innovation and excellence in engineering through education, research and scholarship in a professional framework reflecting our national responsibility.

·         Support basic research as needed by its community as well as the national needs, and to promote a strong focus on inter-disciplinary research as perceived by governments and industry

·         Be a nationally and internationally recognized mechanical engineering department that attracts, rewards, and retains outstanding faculty, students, and staff.

The Faculty believes its prime driver for success will come from targeted research that attracts highly qualified faculty and graduate students, and enhances the attractiveness and quality of the undergraduate program.



The  Mechanical Engineering Department at  HTI  is a community of faculty, staff, students, alumni  working together to create a stimulating, diverse and positive environment of learning, research & community service. We seek to challenge and to empower one another in a synergistic team work to reach our full potential while caring for others and for our environment. We believe it is vital to:

·         Show respect and concern for others, whatever differences are, in all interactions;

·         Be honest and impartial in all educational and research activities; and

·         Promote ethical behavior in all aspects of academic and professional conduct.



Our graduate is prepared in a way to:

•          Have solid background in his specialization (Theoretical & Practical).

•          Be able to cooperate in a team work.


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