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Branch: Engineering
Department: Electrical Engineering (Electronic and communication) Department
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Introduction To The Department

Vision :

The Department of Electrical Engineering should be the best in diversity and mental creativity (engineering and technical) for the surrounding environment Which provides it with leaders in the field of education and the work it requires for the labor market.
Mission :

Preparing a distinguished graduate capable of creativity and innovation by providing him with skills and keeping pace with technological development and his contribution to scientific research to serve society to ensure sustainable development within the framework of the ethics of the engineering profession

Aims :

The Electrical engineering department has clear strategic objectives are set by the concerned parties to achieve the vision and mission of the program. the strategic objectives are summarized as follows:



1-Applying basic concepts in mathematics and engineering sciences to provide solutions to engineering problems related to electronics and communications engineering.

2-Continuous development of academic curriculum in line with the rapid technological development and the requirements of the labor market.

3-Acquiring the graduate, the skill of working efficiently through disciplined work groups.

4- Acquiring the graduate, the skills of entrepreneurship, leadership, adaptation and adapting to changes in the work environment .


5-The ability of the graduate to continuous self-learning and sustainable professional and life development.


6-Developing the capabilities and skills of academic staff, academic staff assistants and the administrative staff participating in the program by training courses and workshops to develop the educational process. 

7-Concerning on scientific research to serve society and the environment.

8- Activating and supporting student activities in the department and providing the services and capabilities necessary

Department Staff
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