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Introduction To The Department

Mechanical Engineering Department

Automotive Engineering Branch.

6th of October Branch


The Location of the Higher Technological Institute (sixth of October branch) lies beside the industrial zone of the city which is full of automotive factories and service centers, this creates a good opportunity to construct some practical training which allows the students to explore the market needs and find a good job after graduation.


       Courses Studied In the Branch:

Compulsory courses:

1 - Automotive Technology (I)

2 - Automotive Technology (II)

3 - Automotive Electrical Equipment Engineering

4 - Automotive Maintenance Engineering (I)

5 - Automotive Maintenance Engineering (II)

6 - Industrial Training (1)

7 - Industrial Training (2)

8 - Reverse Engineering

9 - Theory of Internal Combustion Engines (I.C.E.).

10 - Design of I.C.E.

11- Design of Automobiles (I)

12 - Design of Automobiles (II)

13 - Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics

14 - Automobile Service Planning & Management

15 - Modern Automotive Control Systems

16 - Industrial Training (3)

17 - Industrial Training (4)


Elective courses:


18 - Dynamics of Heavy Vehicles

19 - Vehicle Testing & Evaluation.

20 - Selected Topics

21 - Production Engineering of Automobiles

22 - Analysis & Reconstruction of Automobile Accidents

23 - Off-Road Vehicles

24    - Fuel Systems & Pollution From Automobiles

            25- Automotive Hydraulic & Pneumatics

26- Air Cushion Vehicle

27- Transportation Economy

28- Automotive Repair

29- Fuels and Lubricants

30- Automotive Sensors and Actuators

31- Graduation Project

Automotive Branch Laboratories:

Automotive branch labs utilized for students practical work and for post graduate students research needs, it includes:

1. Engine Dynamometer.

   It is used for evaluation of ICE performance through the following  measurements:

- engine torque and rpm.

- engine fuel consumption.

- intake air flow rate.

2. Petrol Engine and Diesel Engine

    These two engines are suitable to be tested on the engine dynamometer.


3-Automotive Air Conditioning System Panel.

   It consists of all the components of the automotive air conditioning system

   fixed on mobile bench and introduces to the students the following:

- The components of the air conditioning system.

- System operation.

- Maintenance and repair of the system.


4. Multi-Fuel (Petrol and natural gas)  Engine (Fiat 124).

    The Engine fixed on test rig and operated by two fuel systems (petrol or Natural  Gas) and provides the following:


- performing some tests related to natural gas and petrol fuel systems

- maintenance operations ( compression pressure test – leakage test-exhaust gas analysis-  fuel pump output pressure)

 – measurement for engine electrical equipment..

- construction, operation and diagnosis of the components  of the natural gas engines fuel system.



 5-Automotive Electrical Circuits Simulation Device:

   It consists of the majority of electrical systems and circuits in vehicles mounted on board, and    it is used  for the following:-

- construction of  car electrical systems.

- maintenance operations.

  - trouble diagnosis of electrical system.

6- Friction Clutch Measuring Device      

               It’s a devices used for the following measurements:

   - the force  on friction plate .

   - the deflection in the spring.


7-  Diesel Injection Pump and Injectors Tester :

    It’s advice which allows testing the following:

   - Measuring the injection pump quantity.

   - Measuring the pressure of injection and operation of each injector 


              - The injection pressure of each injector separately.


8- Electronic Petrol Fuel Injection and Direct Ignition System (DIS).

    It following can be performed using the board :

    - construction and operation of  electronic systems (fuel- injection – ignition) .

    -  testing of different system parts, (fuel injection –ignition)





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