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Branch: Engineering
Department: Architecture Engineering Department
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Introduction To The Department


The Department of Architecture aspires to contribute to building innovative pioneering architects with the capabilities to meet the challenges of the information age and enrich the lives of individuals, society and the surrounding environment.



The department's mission is to prepare a distinguished graduate who is able to analyze, innovate and keep pace with the emerging requirements of society and the labor market in various architecture projects, by relying on distinct educational outputs that continuously achieve the student's passion, creativity and innovation, and serve many sectors of engineering interested in construction, design and construction, and this is clearly demonstrated with the support of resources The distinctive feature of the program.You will be guaranteed training programs, including preparing and qualifying graduates for professional events.


Strategic Goals:

The program is to serve students and society through:

-Graduate qualified architects from both theoretical and operational perspectives including marketing in the surrounding area, neighboring government

- Awareness of the graduate engineer with all the specialized knowledge bases, the acquisition of the basic process that qualifies him to compete with the requirements of the market and its development.

-The ability to think creatively in solving any work problems.


-The program included training programs for each study group as necessary to prepare and qualify graduates for professional practice


Students have to pass an entrance test in Engineering and Free-hand drawing before joining the department.

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