Research Activities News 25-7-2022
Research Activities News
The Higher Institute of Technology in the tenth of Ramadan celebrates the anniversary of the June 30 revolution
The Higher Technological Institute mourns Prof. Dr. Adel Al-Shabrawy
The Higher Technological Institute mourns the martyrs of the homeland and the armed forces
The Higher Technological Institute congratulates the members of the new student union
Public health decision
The Institute's Guide to Coordination


Abu Hashima Competition for Startups - Season Two
HTI organize an important course for university students
Promoting your research capabilities - The modern knowledge cycle


Schedule of mid semester exams 2023
Announcement of the legal affairs need for a lawyer position
An important announcement for January 2023 graduates
An important statement regarding the approval of the graduation certificate, January 2023
Important Announcement Exception
Important Announcement Regarding Alumni Certificates, January 2023
Arm Course Exception Number 12
Arm Course Timings
New job Secretary General of the Higher Technological Institute
Important announcement regarding student registration in the second week of registration
append announce for prep students Speciality Term J2023
Announcement to students regarding petitions
Registration instructions for the second semester 2023
Academic schedules for the Second semester 2022/2023
Instructions for opening registration for students who have paid Tuition fees
Important Announcement Department of Architectural Engineering
important announce for prep students Speciality Term J2023
Announcing jobs for the Occupational Safety, Security and Health Administration
Announcement regarding the opening of applications for the first semester October/January 2022/2023
Students expected to graduate in January 2023
Instructions for paying expenses (January 2023) for the institute and its branches
Announcement of jobs for account management at the Institute
An important announcement for our students regarding exams today, Monday 9-1-2023
Merry Christmas congratulations
Final Exam Timing Tables
Announcement for a job at H.T.I
Arm Course Number 35
Accreditation of August 2022 graduates
Important announcement about withdrawal
Announcement regarding surveys for the current semester
Announcement regarding the receipt of expenses for students
Arm Exception 10
Approval of August 2022 Graduate Certificates
update Arm Exception 9 Announcement
the Martyr Stamp for Student Services
Activating the e-mail for students of class 2022
Announcement for Jobs required for the Housing department
Important announcement for all students of the institute and its branches regarding registration in the first week of study
Specialization result for the first semester 2022-2023
Important announcement for all students of the Institute and its branches regarding the opening of registration for the first semester 2022-2023
Announcement of the Institute's need for jobs that are still vacant for faculty members and their assistants
Arm Exception 9 Announcement
Arm number 31 Result
Announcement regarding questionnaires for the third semester 2021-2022
Important announcement for jobs required for the Department of Chemical Engineering
Important announcement for all students of the institute and its branches
As a result of the studentsí desires to specialize in engineering departments for the third semester of the academic year 2021-2022
Important Announcement Students 2021
Announce about Architectural aptitude test
Approval of equivalency certificates for January 2022 graduates from the Supreme Council of Universities
Announcement of vacancies for faculty members
Important announcement regarding the organization of responding to student inquiries
Very urgent for Egyptian male students class 2021
eighth exceptional military education course
Important announcement regarding updating students' position on receiving the Corona vaccine
Announcement for students of the Scientific Excellence for the academic year 2020/2021
Important Announcement for 2021 Students (Engineering - Computer Science - Business Administration)
Important announcement for students regarding entering the institute, its transportation and student housing, as of 11/15/2021
Announcement about appointing new drivers
internal regulation in HTI
List support graduate studies and scientific research
Student's guide to quality
Important announcement for students and graduates regarding the extraction of any statements or certificates
announcement for Alumni
An important announcement for students enrolled in the Institute from 2015 and its before
Military courses Alert
Contact HTI 1oth
Account Registration in EKB for HTI staff
Advice for students on the style of writing reports in the projects and training
Quality Insurance Announcement
subjects for scientific departments